Plan to be great, act to be real and follow through to be great!

How can we help you?

Sportspilates used to be a studion, in one place and in one location. Now we take the training to you. 
Personal training at your location or in a training facility or studio close to you, or in your home. And yes, we can help you to build your in-home studio. We also host grouptraining, courses and sessions. And how fun is it not, Sportspilates POPUP Workout. 

Private sessions

At a studio close to you or in your home or at your location.

Personal training at your location or in a training facility or studio close to you, or in your home.

For who and why

Private sessions can focus on rehab, injuryprevention or health promoting. It can also personalize for the athlete. Or you are just too famous and enjoy the private. 

The how

Please be in touch to plan the best plan for you. This plan also covers the where. 
If the best solution is to build an in-your-home-studio, we can help to plan, develop and get it going according to your dreams, needs and ability. 


We offer grouptraining at locations.

Sportspilates delivers to studios, gyms, healthclubs and teams.

If you are a gym or healthclub owner and want a good pilates teacher? Give us a call. Or do you know the hazard to find good pilates teachers for your studio? 

Fyrishov, Uppsala

Here you can find group training and work out using clip cards. See schedule for current times.
Now during the summer, we can invite to the outdoor swimming pool on Thursdays 17.30, starting 6/6. Summerpass training is free!

Tullinge Hälsokälla, Stockholm

Groupclasses and personal training. 

POPUP Workout

Pilates anywhere? Yes! Sure!

Anywhere that it is possible we can popup! Take a mat with you and just show. 100 kr/session


Where will be posted on the blog, we send out newsletters and of course on social media. Pretty much the week before. It is very spontanous.
But we can also plan it. 


You can just show and pay 100 kr with SWISH or in the booking system using Klarna. But there is not required prebooking. Please, no cash! 

Want us to POPUP somewhere special?

Want us to popup at your workplace, a special beach or park, or perhaps your garden?  Be in touch and we can see what we can arrange!

Classical Pilates & authentic training

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